About DCS

IIT Mandi recognizes the need for special deanery for the Digital and Computing Services (DDCS) and it is a much needed and timely step considering that our digital and computing services grew in any incremental way in the past decade. It is time now to consolidate, regulate and plan the whole digital infrastructure which was managed by the deanery of Infrastructure till now. The new deanery has the following vision:

Vision of DCS is to provide hassle free, uninterrupted and efficient digital and computing services to the campus community by deploying/managing/maintaining the state of art digital infrastructure.

Services We Provide


High-performance computing (HPC) cluster facility is a ..more

Office Automation

DCS is also responsible for Digitalization of ..more

Web Services

The DCS is providing Virtual Web Hosting ..more

Server Administration

Management of various Servers such as mail..

Networks & Telephony

IIT Mandi is currently connected with two dedicated..more

VC Support

Operation and Maintenance of Digital ..more

PC Labs

Central PC labs facility fo academic non-academic ....more

Cloud Storage

IIT Mandi has a dedicated cloud storage service for the ..more