Faculty Home Page

Each faculty member has 30GB of secure and regularly backed-up disk-space on one of our servers in the form of a folder, named as per your institute LDAP ID. You can store anything in this space and access it from anywhere. The access is strictly based on your username and the password. Faculty will receive the First Time Password via Email. Faculty must log-in to their account first time using SSH to reset this password to one of their choice.

Faculty can manage their own personal webpages and will be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of everything that appears on the webpage. Faculty do not need to send the updates, however small, to the WING for approval and inclusion. However, if faculty need any help from the WING in maintaining their webpages, then they can always approach us. In home folder, there will be a subfolder public_html that will hold the webpages and all other files/folders that one may want to link to the page.

Suggestion: Though we have taken whatever care we could to backup the data, we suggest that you still keep a copy of your data elsewhere too. It is highly improbable that both, the master and slave disks will fail at the same time, but one may never know … it is just an event with extremely small probability of occurrence, but not an impossible event. Depending on the usage and demand for this facility, we may go for more robust setup, but that’s for the future.

Server Details:
Access Methods Available: SSH/SFTP [Procedure is given below 👇 on url's]
Port: 22
Space Available: 30 GB

Home Directory: /home/ldap-name
Home Page Directory: /home/ldap-name/public_html
Home Page URL: http://faculty.iitmandi.ac.in/~ldap-name/

How to access Faculty Server From Windows

How to access Faculty Server From Mac

*In case of any difficulty, please contact IT Helpdesk ( it_helpdesk[at]iitmandi.ac.in).