Param Himalaya
Param Himalaya Supercomputing Facility

Param Himalaya Supercomputing Facility

System Information

Total number of nodes: 156

CPU nodes: 107

High Memory nodes: 39

GPU accelerated nodes: 10

SLURM Related Information

All compute nodes are connected over High-Speed IB network.

  • srun: run a command on allocated compute nodes
  • squeue: show status of jobs in queue
  • scancel: delete a job
  • sinfo: show status of compute nodes
  • sbatch: submit a job script
  • salloc: allocate compute nodes for interactive use
  • Use #SBATCH -A account name in your script

Module Files

We strongly recommend users to use module files already available with the cluster.

  • Available module: module avail
  • To load module: module load <module name>
  • To unload module: module unload <module name>
  • To see loaded module: module list

Guest users are invited to experience the advanced capabilities of the Param Himalaya facility at SCF, with payment required for access

S.No GPU Utilization CPU Utilization From Date To Date
1 GPU CPU 15-05-2023 15-05-2024