Internet Access for Guest/Interns

For Guests/Interns and other short term visitors who may be visiting IIT Mandi for a short duration, DCS will provide an internet access account for WiFi and Internet access. Email accounts, cloud storage and other digital services will not be provided to the short term visitors.

Following information is needed about the Guest/Intern/Visitor:

  • Full Name of Guest/Interns.
  • Faculty/Staff Guide/Coordinator from IIT Mandi
  • Purpose of visit.
  • Personal Email Account.
  • Date of arriving at IIT Mandi.
  • Date of leaving IIT Mandi.
  • Contact Number.

For creation of an Internet access account for guest/interns, these details needs to be shared by Faculty Incharge/Guide on the following email ID :

The credentials and procedure will be shared with the guest/intern on his/her personal email ID.