IIT Mandi Virtual Web Hosting

The DCS is providing Virtual Web Hosting facility for securely hosting all Internal/External web sites of the form http://abc.iitmandi.ac.in which are not maintained by WING. The projects running under IIT Mandi can host their websites for local access as well as world wide access. Login credentials will be provided to the maintainer of such websites so that they can login and modify their websites as needed.

Following Services will be available on the Web Server:

  • Apache web server with PHP and CGI capability.
  • HTTPS functionality with trusted CA Signed SSL Certificate.
  • Access to 1 MySQL Database with PhpMyAdmin.
  • SSH/SFTP access to the Web Server.

Steps for getting a web domain of the form abc.iitmandi.ac.in are as follows:

Send a request to ‘it_helpdesk@iitmandi.ac.in’ with the details:
  • The required domain name (of the format specified above).
  • The purpose of the web-site.
  • Whether SSL access is required.
  • Whether database access required.
  • Website access type : Internal(Intranet) or External(Internet)
  • List of people who will maintain the website.
  • Contacts.

*The request is subject to the approval of the DCS. Credentials provided for updating the website are for internal use only and can not be shared with any outside web developing agency.